Safety comes first at Refrigeration Services

Our technicians are well versed in Occupational Health and Safety and follow strict procedures when maintaining, servicing, repairing or disposing of refrigeration equipment. Trained in the use of protective equipment and knowledge in regards to safety when it comes to handling, transporting and disposing of cylinders are part of our standard procedures. Our trained technicians and staff offer emergency response services for hazardous releases.

Additionally, Refrigeration Services technicians are trained to protect themselves and others whilst on site.

All Refrigeration Sevices technicians are provided with personal protection equipment, that is required to meet the Occupational Health and Safety Act (Vic) 2004, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (2007), Dangerous Goods Act, 1985, Electrical Safety Act 1998, Workers Compensation Act 1958, Australian Standard 4801 & 4804: 1997 (Occupational Health and Safety management systems).