Our Projects

Refrigeration Services experience in industrial refrigeration is not limited to just food processing. Refrigeration Services has helped customers refrigerate chemicals, dyes, solids, pharmaceuticals and more to manufacture, test and perform vital research. Projects have included:

  • Chillers for maintaining critical temperature tolerances in manufacturing operation.
  • Gas compression systems to boost natural gas line pressure for large energy producers.
  • Refrigeration systems to pre-cool air intake streams for gas turbine power generator plants.
  • Refrigeration systems to pre-cool CO2 systems.

Whether you require precise cooling, chilling or freezing for non-food or other process refrigeration, Refrigeration Services can provide the expertise to meet your requirements.

Refrigeration Services has extensive experience in the following markets :

• Meat Industry • Poultry Industry • Fish Industry • Bakeries • Supermarkets

• Storage & Food Distribution • Food Processing and Manufacturing • Wineries • Dairy Industry

• Pharmaceutical• Mining • Health • Fresh Produce • Cold Storage • Beverage