New & S/H Items


Item A
Two brand new 4 door AUSTRAL Upright Freezers, model number KG20S1FZL-1W4B
These have two solid ends to form a line-up of 8 doors. They are brand new un-opened and still in factory shrink wrap.
Item B
Vertical Oil Separators. Ø762 x 2400mm shell with three stages and replaceable coalescers. DN125 inlet, DN125 outlet.
Design Pressure 1800KPa, Design Temp 150°C AS1210 class 3


Item C 
Ø762 x 1800mm shell x 1.15MPa Low Temperature Ammonia Accumulator with suction connection for one pump, control columns, valves and fittings.
One shell & coil ammonia liquid sub-cooler with valves and fittings.
Item D
Ø572 x 1800mm x 1.7MPa Jahco vertical three stage Ammonia Oil Separator with replaceable coalescers. DN80 inlet, DN100 outlet.


 Item E
Ice Flaker Machine and air cooled condensing set including ice chest.


 Item F
Ø610mm x 2400mm shell x 1.7MPa High Pressure Ammonia Liquid Receiver with valves & fittings.

Item G
Mycom 200 Screw Compressor / Freezer Starter Control Panel.
 Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC & Vilter Ammonia Detector.


Item H
Carrier 30LA 225-910-03 Chiller Package with Kirby NRC297 Air Cooled Condenser
2 x 35HP R22 compressors model 06EF 199611
 Capacity 220Kw approx. at 0°C SST / +40°C on R22

Item i

York Chiller with 80HP JS44E four cylinder compressor and cooling tower

 Capacity 200KWr approx. at 0°C SST / +40°C on R22

Item J

8-off Ziehl SQ1100 square plate axial fan assemblies (Blast Freezer / Chiller)

Ø1000mm / 6 / 12 blade Ziehl T190 series impellers

5.5Kw 6pole TEFC motos fitted

 Nominal Duty 10m3/sec at 200Pa


Item K

Freon & Ammonia High Pressure Liquid Receivers with fittings:-

Ø458mm x 2000mm shell x 2.4MPa Antalair

Ø458mm x 1800mm shell x 1.9MPa Jahco

 Ø406mm x 1750mm shell x 1.7MPa Jahco (Ammonia)


Item L

 Armstrong Air Purger model 370H-1 with attachments

Item M

 Cooling Water Pump 1.1Kw 2 pole 20 L/min at 12m head

 Item N

Buffalo Trident LDV 547B SQ Air Cooled Condenser" 300Kw at 10K TD on R404A


Item O

 Buffalo Trident LDV252B SQ Air Cooled Condenser" 143Kw at 10K TD on R404A