Job Management

To manage our jobs and workflow Refrigeration Services has introduced new software to assist in managing tasks and jobs along with the operational workflow of multiple processes required in field service, project management and maintenance jobs. It provides assistance in every aspect of our business, enabling us to easily identify “who is working”, “where they are working”, when will the job be complete” as per schedule.
Our technicians carry a tablet device to access the real-time database including repair history, technical data, service repair routines and more.
With real-time dynamic scheduling we are always on top of your maintenance needs, whether you have an issue that requires immediate attention or you’re due for routine maintenance. With real-time scheduling, we are able to quickly identify and prioritise your needs with minimal disruption to your operation.
From their tablet our technicians can access pre-arranged schedules that specify exactly what work needs to be done and when. This ensures that all of our customers receive the most consistent, reliable service and information every time.
Because we are working in real time, we can change schedules on the fly to meet the most urgent needs of our customers. We’re also able to optimize our customers’ preventive maintenance, which improves both consistency and quality service overall. All this information is conveyed in real-time to our technicians via their Tablet.